Challenge Coins and Custom Military Coins by D&R Military Specialties

SPECIAL!   100 1.75″ Coins with unlimited colors – $480.00 delivered in the US or to your APO!  (Includes 3d die charges and free designs with unlimited revisions.)  CALL (520) 399-1527 and we will tell you all about it! 

“If you can imagine it, we can make it…..And make it easy for you!”

D & R Military Coins & Specialties can provide the finest presentation coins available anywhere. If you can imagine it, we can make it. And, we make it easy for you. D & R offers complete design services. We will take your idea or art-work and skillfully craft a challenge coin or military coin that anyone would be proud to present. Your military coins and challenge coins should show that you care. Our workmanship and customer service shows that we care.

Although our name honors our military beginnings we have provided the finest custom coins to organizations and businesses of all kinds.  We have produced crew incentives for television, coins to accompany a book release, wedding coins, card guards, ball markers and even geocoins.  In fact we were among the first to do it.  No matter what you envision your challenge coins and medallions to be used for D & R Military Specialties is the first place you should turn.   We don’t think we have heard it all and after nearly two decades we are learning all of the time.  We have the best job in the world and projects just like yours help to keep it that way.

Join our Worldwide Family

Though we are a US based company we count as our friends,  customers from around the world.  We are happy to manufacture and  ship challenge coins to Europe, South America, the Far East….you name it.  We have made military coins for our friends in the UK, Germany, Columbia, Italy and  Saudi Arabia,  just to name a few.  We have in place affordable shipping options which can make a big difference in your budgetary considerations.  Once upon a time challenge coins were unique to the U.S. military.  No longer.  Now virtually every military in the world uses them.  Let us make yours.


The Most affordable military coins anywhere!

We let you design the ultimate military coins,  challenge coins or commemorative coins. At D & R you won’t suffer sticker-shock. Our die charges are the lowest around. You want your unit crests and logos to be accurate and beautiful. At D & R there is no per-color charge. Just one small charge per side. This is important because you should have your coins accurately reflect your vision.  Not be limited by cost to a very few colors.  We can even do odd shapes and sizes. Just ask us.   We can make it.  And do it affordably.  At D & R you can choose a world of options…literally.  Do you wish to have your challenge coins made in the USA?  We can make that happen.  We have access to factories here in the USA and overseas.  We can help you decide which is the best option for your project.  You will be surprised at just how affordable USA made coins can be.

Need a Unique Challenge Coin?

Having been in the challenge coin business for over 18 years we have the experience to make your design come alive.  You should expect excellence and care in making your coins and we deliver on that.  A challenge coin should be carefully designed to tell your unique story.  Whether it is a military coin for your unit or a business card for your very special customers, it should represent you well.  We are experts in coin design and can help you avoid pitfalls that can cost you time and money.

 If you are on a short-fuse, let us know.  We can make your custom coins very quickly without sacrificing quality.  And while we are on the subject, it is easy to think that a “fancy” coin has to cost a lot of money.  We are here to show you that it doesn’t.  Let your ideas flow and challenge us to make them happen.  On time and on budget.

Our Challenge Coin Pricing Guarantee

It would be easy to say that we will beat anyone’s price anytime and we will darned sure try.  If we are talking about comparable coins we are confident that we can be the most affordable option available.  That is important in these times of tight budgets and increasing priorities.  One thing we can do for sure.  We can help you navigate the technical terms and techniques that confuse so many challenge coin customers.  We are more than happy to carefully explain exactly how coins are made, what you should look for in terms of quality, and help you made decisions that simply give you more bang for your buck.  So give us a chance to bid your project.  I am certain you will be glad that you did.


Founded by Veterans, Managed by Veterans and Committed to Veterans

D & R was founded by two retired U.S. Army soldiers.  Rick still manages the company everyday.  When you call you can talk to the boss.  We believe that is how it should be.  Your military coin is important to us as it is to you.  We deeply respect what you do for our country and having walked-the-walk are sensitive to the special pressures and conditions under which you work.  We are registered with contracting and completely familiar with the contracting process.  But whether your order is for a division or a platoon, you will be treated with the upmost respect by us.  So if the captain is on your case and the command chief leaning on your door, tell us.  We will work fast to get you what you need.


But I Have Never Ordered  a Challenge Coin Before

Then you have come to the right place.  We will patiently and carefully walk you through the process.  Artwork is our job, not yours.  If you have a design already, Great!  If you do not we will do it for you.  And there is never a charge for Custom Coin  artwork at D & R!    Hardly a day goes in which we are not contacted by a customer who has been given the challenge of making a corporate coin without any experience at all.  This is a niche market and you shouldn’t be expected to know how.  For us this is our very reason for getting up in the morning.  It’s our job to design your coin, talk you through the process and make the beautiful coin you want.  It is your job to be the hero who takes the new coin to the boss.  And we are just fine with that.  Shop our complete catalogue of military coins, challenge coins, promotional items, commemorative coins, USPHS, awards, unit crests, medals and more!


Just pick up the phone and call.  Drop us an email.  But do it now.  We are waiting to make the world’s best coins, for you.

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