Custom Military Clothing and RPI’s

Custom Logo Clothing Shirts and Hats


Clothing and hats have become some of our most popular items. High quality apparel will be popular with your people too.

We provide high quality embroidery and screen-printing and on highly desirable apparel. From military physical training outfits to custom embroidered custom shirts,  jackets and hats, D & R is your source for the best, most affordable wearable’s.

Why not coordinate your challenge coin design with some hats and  shirts.  Offering a cohesive incentive campaign pays big dividends in esprit de corps.  A hat or polo shirt showing that the recipient is a coin holder can be a more visible addition to your campaign.  We offer wonderful embroidery or screen printing including some of the latest and most effective techniques.

Stay Army Fire Brigade (SA75FB) We know how to make your  shirts and hats easy to for you to purchase.  Just as with our challenge coins we do the artwork for you and handle your project from design to digitizing to done.  Just give us your ideas and let us show you how we can earn your business.

Did you know that quality apparel does not have to cost much?

You can spend a fortune on name brand shirts without gaining much in quality at all.  We can show you how to save your valuable budget.  Retention NCO’s know this.  They have experienced their budget going away because the decision was made to get a particular brand rather than an even better product.


So is it worth it to buy name brands?

Of course that depends on what you consider “worth it” to mean.  On the plus side name brand items such as Nike Shirts represent quality and expense.  If that is the image you wish to portray then they may be worth it.  On the other hand, you can get far fewer of them than you can get of the non-name brand merchandise of equal quality.  So you can reward more people with generic brands.  And remember.  The message is your unit logo not the company that made the shirt.  The person you give the shirt or hat to should be proud of what is on the chest (your unit logo) and not what is on the label.


So the take away is:  We produce shirts, hats and other custom wearable gear. These items are perfect for RPIs and other reenlistment items.