Custom Commemorative Coins Movie and Television Crew Incentives

Movie and Television Crew Incentives
Custom Commemorative Coins

Do you want a perfect way to reward your valuable crew and cast members as well as others who help you? Consider the use of Custom Challenge Coins. Long used by the US Military, Custom Coins  offer you the opportunity to present a gift your valuable associates will treasure for a lifetime.

David Letterman's custom commemorative coin.

Worldwide Pants Coin

You need to have movie and television crew incentives.  Making Custom Coins such as those shown on this site is easy and affordable. Our coins are of the very highest quality, not the common pot-metal tokens offered elsewhere. We can faithfully reproduce your logos or develop a unique design for you.Unlike coffee mugs, t-shirts or hats  these custom coins will be treasured for a lifetime.

We know your industry faces unique issues

By providing key staff and cast members with a supply of these custom coins you give them the opportunity to reward people without worrying about “who gives what to whom”. This helps to limit the seemingly endless escalation in the value of the gifts that absorb so much of your valuable resources. Designing a coin sharing one common side allows the other side to be customized for the individual presenting it. For example the Directors Coin and the Cast Coin share a common side while the other side is customized for the presenter.  Custom Coins, designed as crew incentives, can be very affordable. For less that the cost of a good T-shirt you have a reward with a very high perceived value.  When you wish the presentation to be formal these medallions fit the bill. Your design can even be struck in Sterling Silver for those very special people you wish to recognize. For informal gifting they are convenient and affordable in Brass, Nickel, Antique Silver or Gold Plate.

Your challenge coins have to be particularly strong.

(Did you like the red?  We thought it daring.)    We will advise you on developing an effective program for using your crew incentive coins. We will do the critical design work for you at no charge when you order from us.   Of course we know that your graphics shop is better than ours so tell your CGI folks to take their best shot.  I’ll bet we can make just what they are looking for.

We have experience in the movie and television industry.

One of our principles grew up on the stage. We have been there and speak the language.  We deliver on time, on budget, as promised. We honor the uniqueness of your special gift. You will never see the items we produce for you marketed in any way outside of your organization. Give us the opportunity to delight you with our work.  We will provide references for you upon request. We choose not to mention entertainment industry names on our web site out of respect for the privacy of our valuable customers.  There may be a hint on this page though:)
Though we specialize in Custom Coins we offer a full line of Crew Incentives. Please give me a call and we can discuss your requirements. You can rely upon the confidentiality of all communications. Call anytime. I know you are busy and I want to be.

A note on USA Made, Union Made promotional items.

We are quite capable of offering all of your crew incentives (dare I use the word swag) from USA made and Union Made sources if you wish.  We understand that this can be a major consideration for you.  Just drop us a call and we can discuss this in detail.  There is no need to bust the budget to do this either.  Call our entertainment industry specialist.
By the way.  Did you know that we can make your coin glow in the dark?


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