Unit Crests and Distinctive Unit Insignia

Army Unit Crest also known as a Distinctive Unit Crest or Distinguished Unit Crest

Army Unit Crest also known as a Distinctive Unit Crest or Distinguished Unit Crest

We are your best source for unit crests and distinguished unit insignia. Our crests are equal to or better than those you can buy in clothing sales. The best part is that our crests our usually much cheaper than those offered in the military clothing sales store. All we need is one of your crests and we will do the rest. We’ll have them to you quickly and help you save your valuable budget for other things.  Is this your first order for a new unit crest?  If so we can help you design it free of charge.

Unit Crests and Distinctive Unit Insignia History

Unit crests have a long history with the US army.  They were first officially recognized for select units in 1902.  By 1920 they were standardized and consisted of the units Coat of Arms.  The first unit to apply for and officially begin wearing what we now call Unit Crests was the 51st Artillery.  Before 1965 only separate battalions and regiments were allowed to wear unit crests.  Now virtually every unit in the army has a Distinguished Unit Insignia (Unit Crest).

Unit Crests for Non-Uniform Wear

More and more we are asked to provide miniature unit crests.  These are popular as inexpensive but valued presentation items.  A commander may wish to have a supply of these to use.  This can certainly be handy to preserve his/her supply of Challenge Coins.  It also allows the commander to maintain the importance of their Military Coins.   One particularly good use for miniature unit crests is to offer a lapel pin to family members.  This lets them show their pride in their Army Family.

Unit Crest Lapel Pins as Fundraisers

Perhaps a unit would like to have a crests they can sell at field days, open houses, airshows, etc.  A lapel pin made like the unit crest might be just the thing.  These Unit Crest Lapel Pins can be very inexpensive and sell for considerable profit.  Your booster club might just find these very useful indeed.  Not everyone will pay for a military coin but an inexpensive lapel pin with your unit’s logo on it might just sell like hot cakes.   Give us a call and we can give you some good ideas.