D & R Military Specialties is proud to embrace President Biden’s new Made in the USA initiative. For many years we have happily offered USA Made Challenge Coins and USA Made Military Coins.

Can I afford USA Made Challenge Coins?

There was a time when it was generally accepted that USA made coins were real budget busters. I am happy to say that when you chose D & R you can expect to pay not a bit more American Challenge Coins than for overseas made versions. Indeed sometimes US made coins can be less expensive than their foreign counterparts! Frequently as a matter of fact.

Do I Have to Sacrifice Quality to get Made in USA Products?

The short answer is a resounding NO. USA made coins can be every bit as exciting as overseas made coins. How so? Let us show you. We want to have a conversation with you about your military coin concept. Just pick up the phone and call us or send us a message. We are certain we can help you to see your project in an entirely new way. The die striking process we use for the majority of our US made Challenge coins allows for exquisite detail and stunning three dimensional images with or without elaborate color fill.

What About “Challenge Coin Wars”?

We have made some absolutely wonderful and eye popping coins over the years. From Glow in the Dark paint to moving parts we have made challenge coins in ever increasing complexity and innovation. Sometimes though it is important to step back from this and explore the whole purpose of the coin in the first place. Is it to outshine everyone else that we design our coins? Or is it to create a keepsake that your valued service member treasures and will hand down for generations? Our USA Made Challenge Coins can become that treasured possession when thoughtfully designed and elegantly struck. Moreover, with “Made in the USA” proudly engraved on the edge of every coins, you are showing them that they are valued by the nation they so gallantly serve.

Reenlistment Incentives (RPI’s) Made in the USA

It is not only coins that are going to be a big issue these days. The government is going to look into every purchase. At D & R we have a large collection of outstanding retention items because we have long known that this is an important issue to many commanders and retention NCO’s. So this is not new to us. Firstly we have decades of experience in the RPI business. Secondly, we know, because you taught us, how to select items that your soldiers will value. As a consequence we have catalogued thousands of affordable USA made presentation items. As a veteran owned company we speak your language and honor your service.