To correctly call your coin a “Challenge Coin” there ought to be a challenge behind it.  So how do you make that happen?  The first step is to decide what you want the employee to do.  As the old “One Minute Manager” used to say, “Catch people doing something good”.




In my years of wearing my other hat as a sales trainer and consultant, I came to understand early on that you can’t assume that people truly know what to do.  Some things seem so obvious to us that it is hard to believe that just everyone doesn’t know and believe them.  Want proof?   Look at what some people wear to work.


So the first step to any motivation program whether it uses challenge coins as an inventive or not is to decide exactly what behavior you want to change or reinforce.  So is this a sneaky way to sell challenge coins?  Only a little.  Let me give you an example.




The initial setup charge is what most people focus on when making coins.  Ours are low but we still get more push-back about them than we do about the cost of the coins at all.  But check it out.  If one is careful one can use a single, less than 150.00 charge to handle a variety of purposes.  Let me show you.


Gold Challenge Coin                     –   Awarded for the employee of the month

Antique Silver Challenge Coin   –   Manager’s Monthly Award at the Department level.

Bronze Challenge Coin                –   Awarded for excellence in Customer Service

Copper Challenge Coin               –   Awarded for Management Excellence

Nickel Challenge Coin                 –   Awarded for excellence from a vendor


You get the point.  All of these possible awards from one design.  We can even go further and laser engrave what the award is for. This is very affordable and makes the opportunities to use your coins almost unlimited.




So there you have an introduction.  The first step is to carefully plan what you want to happen before someone gets a coin.  Coins have a very high perceived value.  The military has been using them for decades and there is much to learn from them on the subject.  Rather than just putting a company coin out there for fun think about it a little more.  Ask yourself what you want to accomplish with the presentation coin and you can really develop an effective program.