I had a nice discussion with one of our celebrity clients.  He had seen military coins and thought they would be a great solution for himself.   It caused me to think about these challenges and put together some thoughts for high-profile individuals and celebrities.




Everyone has seen the Big Bang Theory program where Penny gives Sheldon a napkin touched by Leonard Nemoy.  Though this is funny on TV it is not far from the truth in the real world.  Of course there are autographs but people also pick up napkins, receipts, snap pictures…. you name it.  Many years ago I saw the star of a popular TV Western series say to a jeweler at the Tucson Gem Show, “I’ll buy this pendent for your $25.00 if you promise to cash the check.  It turns out that he was plagued with people keeping his checks for the autographs.




I had the pleasure to work on a Star Trek movie some years ago and it afforded me the opportunity to see the whole production routine, as they say, up close and personal.  I was surprised at how professional everything was and how cordially everyone treated one-another.  The cast and crew knew the rules and were just fine with them.  They were every bit as disciplined and regimented as a crack military unit.  But there were conventions to be maintained.  People were happy to work for a thank you.  I asked one of the cast how they recognized people that help them.  He shrugged and said something like, “you know that is the thing.  When you are famous people expect either nothing or lavish gifts.  It’s hard to know what to do”.


At the time I was not in the consulting business and didn’t think back to my military days and realize that military coins and Challenge coins were the perfect solution.




The design of a celebrity coin should be carefully considered.  Here is an opportunity to speak to who you are personally as well as professionally.  One challenge coin we made for a celebrity had an homage to his father on it in a discrete symbol.  I found that touching.  Those who knew him well (and who his father was)  would understand the symbol and others not.  That is as it should be.  Challenge coins designs need not be cryptic but there is no reason not to have a little fun with them.  We have some ideas of how to do this for you or just let it be your secret.




So here is the deal.  Celebrity Challenge Coins offer you tremendous flexibility.  You can order inexpensive coins costing just a few dollars and present them freely.  Now here is where I give you , Mr. or Ms. Celebrity, the lesson I share with senior military officers when I discuss military coins with them……You forget to say thank you WAY too much.  Because of who you are people naturally bend over backward to respond to you and help you.  (I totally get that you do it too but stay with me for a moment.)   If you have a couple of coins in your pocket it will remind you to say “thanks” more often.  I have never met a high ranking officer or celebrity who did not think that they would like to do this.  Sadly, what most comes to mind is a tip.  And then how much should that be.  And do we really tip the nice lady at the bank?  A personal presentation coin is something you can give that they will always treasure.  It is a gift with ticker.  Personal from your hand to theirs.  Not from an assistant.  Not in the mail later.  On the spot…up close and personal.




Not to long ago I was in an airport with a couple of high ranking US Public Health Service Officers.  There is nothing more impressive than a Captain and an Admiral (and his aide) in their White Navy style uniforms, replete with ribbons and “scrambled eggs”.   Sitting opposite us in the waiting area was a young boy.  My guess is around 10.  You could tell he was impressed and overwhelmed with these high ranking officers and wanted to talk to them.  He was just too shy.  I had some a USPHS challenge coins in my pocket that I had made.  As we were boarding the plane I handed one of them to the youngster and pointed to the admiral.  The look on his face was priceless.  No words but my guess is that his coins will always be one of his treasured possessions.   You can have this experience too.  Just resolve to make someone’s day.  What will it cost you?  Three bucks or so?  But the real secret is that it will keep you grounded and aware of who you are and what you mean to other people.  You will become unique among people for something other than acting or singing.  You will be unique because you will really see just how much other people mean to us.  And how easy it is to show you care.  Try a hundred of them.  You will get hooked.


(When you call I will tell you how to solve your Christmas gift problem. )


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