New Features on USA Made Coins


I have good news to offer our loyal Made in USA Challenge coin customers.  We can now offer them with numerous colors at a very affordable price.  In the past the number of colors on a coin were a major consideration.  No longer.  The price of color fill now makes US custom coins very affordable.    I guess I should correct myself at this point.  Force of habit causes me to use the term “Military Coins” far too often.  We make custom  coins for all occasions and every conceivable kind of organization.


We Can Make US Made Challenge Coins Quickly


Our factory is up to the challenge when you need your coins quickly.  Give us the opportunity to hit your date and we will see what we can do.  We will do the artwork for you and have your coins ready for your event promptly.  Why not ask?  We recently had a customer who needed coins for a very important presentation.  They knew that their overseas client was bringing coins to exchange but somehow nobody thought to order their own coins until just a short time before the meeting.  Our USA factory took the challenge and we had them there on time.


Union Made Challenge Coins


Our factory in the US is a union shop.  For many organizations this will be important and even required.  We are proud that our manufacturing partner employs union workers.  You can be proud of that too.


No Compromise on Quality for US Made Military Coins


Never think that US made coins lack in quality.  They are every bit the match for overseas made coins and often even better and more affordable.  Remember.  We offer both US and overseas made custom  coins.  There are proper purposes for both.  We are proud of our ability to tailor the manufacturing choices to suit your needs.  This professional approach is the right thing to do for our customers.  But also remember…. The choice is ultimately yours.


Don’t Forget Custom Tokens


Another product where our US factory  partner excels is in making custom tokens.  Aluminum tokens make great give gifts…  Some companies have used them as discount tokens and they work great for that of course and your church may want some to help spread its message.  They make great Sunday School awards.    Depending on the number you need they can be very inexpensive.  Of course as is the case with all custom metal coins and medallions, they have a higher perceived value than other materials and your customers tend to keep them and value them.

One very nice use for custom tokens is to give to participants at sporting events.  They are far less expensive than t-shirts and the participants love them.


Custom Sports Medals


While I am in a reminding mood let me remind you of your organization’s need for sports medals.  They can be surprisingly inexpensive.  We can produce medals with ribbons as well.  Whether you need a few sports medallions or a lot of them we have a solution for you.  We are proud that for many years we have been providing the sports medals for a local charity sporting event.  The kids love them.  Didn’t I say I have the best job in the world?  By the way, we have a number of premade sports medallions available.  If you need some very quickly give us a shout.  There is even a chance we could have some on the way to you tomorrow.

Like our other custom minted coins and medallions you can opt for US and overseas manufacture.


So the take-away is that we are a versatile company.  We tailor our products to the needs and desires of our customers.  Give us the opportunity to work with you and help you decide what process is best for you.  I have to say though.  There is something pretty cool about that message on your soldier’s, sailor’s airman’s  or marine’s  military coin.  “Proudly made in the USA for our service men and women”.  They will be happy to see it and you will be proud to present it.


What kind of a businessman would I be if I didn’t ask you to pick up the phone and call.  Or drop me an email.  [email protected] will do it.  I hope to hear from you soon.