Should I have my own challenge coin?

I get asked this  question frequently.  Most of the time I simply answer with a question.  What would you use it for?  Of course after being asked so many times I decided to give it some thought.  Why would someone, who does not want it for commercial purposes, want to have their own challenge coins?  Well here goes.

Custom Coins to Mark a Special Event

The one that immediately comes to mind is a wedding.  We have done many of these over the year.  As we discussed in an earlier post, they are affordable, unique and offer all of the participants something special without busting the budget.  Having a few in the pocket gives the best man, groom and select others the ability to reward someone who may have slipped by.

Another event that would be perfect for challenge coins would be baptisms.  A baptism coin gives all of the participants a very special reminder not only of the date but of their responsibilities as participants in this most important of religious events.  And when the baby grows up imagine what a treasure the coin would be for him/her.  We could even strike one in pure silver to present to the baby at confirmation or some other significant time. What a thoughtful gift for Godparents to contribute to the event.

Confirmation Challenge Coins

While we are on the subject how about a confirmation coin?  This too could be a wonderful way to show the young person just how important the event is to you as the parents or grand parents.  Again.  These are super to present to officiates and others who help with the event.

Quinceañera Coins

A thank you to a good friend of opined that quinceañera coins might be a perfect fit.  This would be a wonderful family tradition to start.  It would be fun to allow the young lady to help with the design of her special coin.  We have many ideas we can offer to help with the design of your special coins.  I have been honored to be invited to several quinceañeras and they have all been very special and touching events.  Yet even after almost 20 years in the coin business I never imagined this one.  So give us a call and we can discuss your upcoming event.  I think these may become some of my favorite projects.

Advertising Coins

As a full-service advertising specialty company we are well aware of the considerable sums spent on exhibitor presentation items at every convention, national or regional meeting.  Exhibitors vie for the eyes of the participants.  I have a great deal of experience working with events both as a participant and exhibitor if I may brag for a moment.  At one time I used to attend dozens of large conventions every year as an exhibitor.  I have to say that if someone gives me one more weird looking pen or squeeze toy I will toss it back at them.  OK.  Everyone likes a nice pen but one in the shape of a snake is just going to far.

At the end of the day, we all go back to our hotel rooms and try to figure out what we will keep and what we can carry on the airplane.  The good stuff stays and the usual stuff goes to the hotel maid.  The deal is,  that nobody will throw away a coin.  Or if you make the coin into a key chain, it may well be used every day.  An advertising coin is a classy, and has high-perceived-value.

Exhibit Management Exhibitor Staff  Training

Many is the day that I have spent walking past booth after booth with nothing tangible to show for it.  Why?  Because the companies that are exhibiting have not put in place the right people for the job.  I have seen “top salesmen” sit on their duffs.  I have seen hired fashion models handing out pencils to every man who walks by.  (Women, not so much.)  If one more person says to me, “are you aware of our company” while handing me a weird pen….well you get the deal.  Companies will spend tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on fancy booth displays and not one red cent training and equally importantly rehearsing their exhibit staff.  I have been involved in training exhibitors for a long time and can assure you that if you invest just a little in training the improved results can be startling.


There are those who say that the day of the national convention is nearly over.  I disagree though clearly many companies are pulling out for lack of measurable results.  The answer is not to cede this ground to your competitors but rather to claim it yourself.  This is not hard to do.  Those of you who have attended these convention exhibits realize that the competition is usually not much better than your staff is.  The key is making every one of your front men and women better than the competition.  I can do that for you.  Just give me a call and I will show you how.  All you have to lose is a 15 minute conversation.  After we have your people knowing what to say and how to say it, then we can discuss what giveaways are appropriate to support your sales message.  My favorite fail was a recycling company that was giving away cheap plastic bags.  As John Stewart says,,,,,,,,really?  We can do better than that.   Really.  We can make convention exhibits pay for themselves and more.

Convention Challenge Coins reprise.

So I drifted off-topic a bit and gave a shameless commercial for my consulting services but what the heck?  Its my blog…….Seriously though.  Here is a great opportunity to develop a coin that will stay front-and-center in the mind of the person to whom you present it.  The military services have been using  Coins to do this for decades.  Military coins are what started the ball rolling in the first place.

Give us a call and we can chat.


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