There is probably no better place to use challenge coins and on campus.  An institution could take a lesson from military coins.  Why use them.




Better than a plaque?  Of course.  Challenge coins are something that any student instantly recognizes.  Sports teams have been using medals for generations.   What could be better than for a coach to have some to hand out.  Coaches are key to fundraising.  Everybody wants to meet them.  Suppose the coach could give out an Athletic Department Coin or Team Coin to these important donors and influencers?  Would that be something in which every recipient would be proud?  Highly valued, terrific message and for as little as $3.00 you get all of this.  No wonder military coins are so popular.




If there is anyone who needs a challenge coin it is the president of the university.  Every day there is an opportunity to reward people who have helped or who we want to help the university.  The president might choose to have his/her coin in a variety of finishes.  With one initial setup the president can present a bronze challenge coin to a student who excels, a silver one to a special donor and a gold one to the Governor who has come to visit.  All for that same minimal price we mentioned earlier.   The coins can become a symbol of the president’s office and a tradition as each successive administration adds their own special mark to the practive.




The university or college can establish their coins as a standard award in all departments of the institution.  Just as military coins often share a common side, the university coin will have a common side.  (Perhaps the University Seal.)  Then each department can  design the other side to make their coin unique and to carry their message.


Call us and we can build an affordable and effective program for you.  We not only have the expertise to help you with the design and manufacture of your coins but we can also show you a wide variety of ways to use challenge coins to make your school better.


Pick up the phone and call us.  We are ready to help you any way that we can.