US Made Challenge Coins are a Hit!


When we started the push to feature US Made Military Coins we were not sure of the response.  We felt that the additional expense and design limitations would be an issue.  We had not a thing to worry about.  They are going great.  Here is why:


USA Made Military Coins are Affordable


Our customers are finding that US made challenge coins are sometimes even less expensive than their overseas made counterparts.  In reasonable quantities they are just the ticket.

A Challenge Coin Should Have A Story To Tell


This is an interesting challenge.  As the use of custom coins becomes more common it was inevitable that they would loose some of their luster.  (For lack of a better word.)  By this I mean that they would become so common that they were almost obligatory.  So how to you make your custom coin unique?  One great way is to have a coin story behind it.  This story, especially in the context of a military coin becomes part of the unit’s history.  Whether the idea is to have one coin design that sees generations of commanders or that they is a new one unique to each commander it is desirable that the intention be that they all share some common traits.   Of course symbols are easy choices for what the movie industry calls continuity.  One other is to commit to having all of your military coins made in the USA.  It says to the soldier, sailor, airman or marine, “these coins are special because you are special and your countrymen made them to honor your service”.  That is why we suggest that the words “made in the USA be put on every challenge coin we make in the US.


Retro Look Military Coins


One of the things I have come to appreciate is to make the coins with a retro look.  By that I mean make them so that they take on a historical look.  The easy example is with a Cavalry Coin.  They can be made to resemble an old fashioned silver dollar for example.  We can do a 1 15/16″ antique silver coin with the old-fashioned US eagle on one side and the unit’s crest on the other.  By using exquisite 3d features we can make the unit coin look as old as the unit.  Let’s face it.  What is a cavalry coin without a horse or crossed sabers  on it?

Museum Coins


Another place where the retro look is appropriate is in Museum Commemorative Coins.  Museum coins can be great fundraisers as we have mentioned before.  When you have a major exhibit why not let the viewers remember their visit with a custom coin?  Made in the USA or overseas these coins are sure to raise some additional funding for the museum.  And the real advantage is, of course, that people will get into the habit of collecting them.  This sets you up, with a minimum of effort, to add a fundraising value to every exhibit.  Then we do some in gold for the major contributors (time and treasure) and you have a very affordable and appreciated item that everyone will appreciate.


A Special Opportunity for USA Made COins


So I am burying this in this blog entry because I want to try something out.  Order 300 USA made coins and I will waive one of the die charges if you mention this blog entry before 1 Jan 15.  I am curious to see how many people really read these blogs.


So that is the update on USA Made Challenge coins.  They are going like crazy and I hope in continues.  I am proud of all of our coins but the opportunity to honor American workers at the same time we are honoring the military coin recipients, is especially gratifying.


Give me a call and we can talk.  We are not pushy and will be happy to answer any questions you have about challenge coins.


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