Where are we Going in 2015?


2014 was a year of innovation in our business.  Of course we continued to provide the best Challenge Coins and Military Coins available anywhere.  Our business grew and we thank you all for that!!!  We value each and every one of you and hope we can continue to be your Challenge Coin supplier in the future.


USA Made Challenge Coins in 2015


Well, as betting people say, we are going to double-down on this aspect of our company.  While we will always source our custom coins so that they meet the customer’s needs first, we will continue to feature our USA made Military Challenge Coins in 2015.  This has had great success in 2014.


The lesson we have learned in 2014 is that our customers know what is best for them.  We honestly and forthrightly offer them all options and let them make the decision.  Many are happy to add the option of a Challenge Coin Made in the USA.


We don’t want to forget our off-shore factories as well.  They continue to offer outstanding value and impeccable workmanship as well as military coin options that are not available stateside.  So whatever is best for your business, unit or charity is a decision you can make with confidence when having your coins make by D & R Military Coins and Specialties.


Promotional Products and RPI’s in 2015

This month sees us off to the annual PPAI show in Las Vegas.  (Well of course I would go if it were in Chicago in January.  I really would.)  This is one of the largest promotional products shows in the country.  We will have the opportunity to visit over 3300 booths in our search for products that will appeal to your company, unit or nonprofit.  Of course 3300 booths is a bunch of work.  So what are we specifically look for?  Well to start it off we are looking to add to our Made in the USA initiative.  In 2014 we enabled the “Made in the USA” search on our promotional products search engine allowing our customers to choose USA first as the criteria for the search.  Now we want to see these companies first hand and work with them on an even better experience.


Making Promotional Products more Effective in 2015


Giving a customer a nice tchotchke (yes that is how it is really spelled) is always fun.  But this year, ask yourself…..What is the purpose of doing it?  At the show we intend to get good ideas.  Not only what is available but how to best use the promotional product.  We have always believed that the advertising specialty item ought to be aimed directly at increasing your sales, your customer loyalty or your donor base.   Money is too tight these days to give away the store without expecting a return on your advertising dollar.  And that is what we will be doing as we visit this sea of goodies.  We will be taking notes not just about the merchandise but also who it should appeal to and what it should cause your customer to think and do.  In this we are going way beyond what most promotional product dealers do.  I will be happy to prove it to you.

Getting Fast Challenge Coin Delivery in 2015


Doing challenge coins done well is the most important thing.  Fast is nice and sometimes necessary.  This year we want to try to help those who must have their coins quickly .  We will see how far we can go in this area.  One thing that has been a great help to us is, believe it or not, the US Postal Service.  Their two day priority mail options have reduced our shipping times considerably and decreased our shipping costs.  Who would have ever thought.  And they are very nice people as well.  My local post office folks have been a wealth of information and help.


Happy New Year 2015


So a very happy new year to you all.  I hope you all have a safe, healthy, prosperous and blessed 2015.  I have a feeling that this year will bring some exciting new challenges and some delightful solutions.


Keep in contact with us and call whenever you get a chance.  I enjoy talking to people and you will always find a friend here.