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USA Made Challenge Coins

D & R Military Specialties is proud to embrace President Biden’s new Made in the USA initiative. For many years we have happily offered USA Made Challenge Coins and USA Made Military Coins. Can I afford USA Made Challenge Coins? There was a time when it was generally accepted that USA made coins were real… Read more »

Collecting and Appraising Challenge Coins

I have written about this several times before. Judging from the emails I get it appears that some believe I am an expert and appraiser. Collecting and appraising Challenge Coins has become quite a thing. Let me be clear from the start that I definitely claim to be neither. And let me assure all who… Read more »

Challenge Coins for personal presentation

Should I have my own challenge coin? I get asked this  question frequently.  Most of the time I simply answer with a question.  What would you use it for?  Of course after being asked so many times I decided to give it some thought.  Why would someone, who does not want it for commercial purposes,… Read more »


What is your card really for? Everyone has a business card, right? You pretty much have to. It is the best way to get your contact information into the hands of the customer. Seriously. Doesn’t it bother you to have to search for a pencil or try to poke information into your smart phone when… Read more »

Fake Challenge Coins

I have certainly been asked this question enough times to stop and answer it again.  After 20 years in this business I think I may have the chops.  What is the question?  How do I spot Fake Challenge coins/   When I look at challenge coins for sale, how do I know they are not… Read more »

Special Challenge Coin Offer $480.00 Delivered

Military Coins or Challenge Coin Special Offer!   Just to see what is shaking in the world of military coin blogging here is a special offer for our readers!  Mention this blog entry and we will design and deliver 100 challenge coins with color both sides for an all-inclusive price of $480.00.   This offer includes… Read more »

Presidential Challenge Coins

I ran across several requests for information about this subject on various blog posts.  It was an interesting question so I thought I would delve into it a little.  So where is the first place to start?  There is only one answer to that question.  Right here:  If there is any doubt whether or not presidents have challenge coins… Read more »

How To Coordinate Your Military Coins

How to develop a comprehensive military coin program. By now just about every military organization has Military Coins.  They have become an integral part of your military awards programs.  Despite their long tradition in the military, most commanders still see their coins as a stand-alone piece.  I would like to explore that today. This Challenge… Read more »